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This info page is specifically for event planners, coordinators, or event bookers.
Short and excisable information for making the choice to book Jonesy Sings at your event or venue.

Short Bio:
Jonesy is a singer/songwriter with an original repertoire. Writing songs from a young age was always her way to express herself in a turbulent and difficult youth. Being older and having found a way to cope with the past it was time to share her songs with others and bring them out into the world. Starting off solo and later teaming up with Tis Marang on double bass, banjo and  guitar.

The Music:
In her music Jonesy uses a diversity of musical styles. The style that best fits the song and gives it the greatest emotional impact. This makes for an interesting evening where the diversity of repertoire will keep the listener captivated. No one song is alike. Her lyrics are all from real life experience and easily identifiable for an audience. She links her songs together with her typical dry dutch humour.
In short: Jonesy Sings will be an evening of musical diversity in an intimate and relaxed setting.

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